Andrew Dodd


On-the-fly map tiling with Go and LeafletJS

TL;DR I made a demo project of how to use Golang to produce the map tiles for use in LeafletJS’s tile layer. I did it mainly to catalog how I managed to solve a few of the issues I had faced in a real-world project, just in case it would be useful to someone (future me included). Some of the things I had to solve were: How to tile map images on the fly in Go How to cope with updating the image for a given area (e.

Thoughts on the repository pattern in Golang

TL;DR The Repository pattern is commonly used in DDD / Clean Architecture / Hexagonal Architecture projects. However, porting a Java/C# reference implementation of this pattern to Golang is not as straightforward as it seems. By forcing ourselves to avoid the ‘questionable choices’ common in many examples of this pattern in Golang, we can arrive at an interesting variant of the pattern. Intro I stumbled across a dodgy hybrid technique for implementing the repository pattern in Golang that I think it quite useful and practical, especially for smaller projects.