Andrew Dodd


About me

I am a computer systems engineer with a varied history! I have worked professionally in C, Python, JavaScript and Java across a range of domains.

Some examples include:

  • A tool to calculate voltage drop on long-line networks (using React-Redux, with an asynchonous WebWorker optimiser that uses a gradient descent algorithm);
  • the core co-ordination and wireless communications in a proximity detection system (using custom wireless communications on top of an 802.15.4 MAC layer)
  • a Python/Django software product to analyse and optimise the use of labour in a large Zambian copper mine;
  • optimisations, bug-fixes and improvements in C to embedded Wi-Fi drivers to improve client roaming for mine automation; and
  • a Python tool for sniffing 802.15.4 packets and for piping them to wireshark

You can grab my latest resume for more info.